Jewellery Appraisals

Experienced and Certified Appraisals for Insurance and Estate Purposes.

Is your insurance company requiring an appraisal for your valuable jewellery to be insured? Have you inherited jewellery and would like to know its value? Penny Duffy, of Penny’s Jewellery, is the expert to call. Penny is an experienced and certified jewellery Appraiser.

With extensive experience in manufacturing, international buying, retail sales and marketing and in the laboratory sorting and classifying gems by cut and quality, her expertise and skill are unmatched locally, and highly respected everywhere. You can trust in her professional judgement and guidance with regard to all aspects of your jewellery.

Penny is able to accurately appraise your most cherished and valuable jewellery for its intrinsic value as well as its rarity, craftsmanship, origin and level of demand in the marketplace. Penny will assess the value of individual items, collections, or estate holdings, and will prepare a formal appraisal document for your records. Appraisals from Penny's Jewellery are respected and generally accepted for all purposes and by all formal institutions to whom they may concern, including banks and insurance companies.

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