A Full-Service Jewellery Store with in-house Graduate Gemmologist and Jewellery Appraiser

Penny's Jewellery, located on King St. in downtown Brockville, is a gem in its own right. It is a small town jewellery store with big-city credentials. Established in May of 2017 by Penny Duffy, a fully trained Graduate Gemmologist and Appraiser, she brings to bear a lifetime of deep knowledge and wide experience in the Jewellery retail, wholesale, design, repair and appraisals to her business.

Penny is a Graduate Gemmologist from the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA establishes an international grading system and process for Gemmologists to follow. GIA standards are stringent, trusted and respected among industry experts and the general public. Having spent 37 years as a professional Gemmologist, she is an expert in her craft to the benefit of her customers. To this day, Penny continues to keep up with current education in the industry.

Penny has studied diamonds at Hearts on Fire University, home of the world's most perfectly cut diamonds. She also formally studied at Rolex to evaluate Rolex watches. No matter what aspect of the Jewellery business, Penny has worked in it, and studied it - she is a bonafide expert – and best of all, her talent and expertise are available to you right here in Brockville.


Jewellery Appraisal

Penny is a certified Jewellery Appraiser. She is able to accurately appraise your most cherished and valuable jewellery for its intrinsic value as well as it's rarity, craftsmanship, origin and level of demand. Penny is happy to formally assess the value of individual items, collections, or estate holdings.

With extensive experience in manufacturing, international buying, retail sales and marketing and in the laboratory sorting and classifying gems by cut and quality, her expertise and skill are unmatched locally, and highly respected everywhere. You can trust her professional judgement and guidance with regard to all aspects of your jewellery.


Custom Designed Jewellery

Penny's Jewellery boasts in-house manufacturing. We will take your ideas and turn them into reality. We can help you make decisions about metals, gems, styles, and applications. We are quickly and easily able to:

For new designs, rings and other jewellery are modelled first in wax and tweaked as per your vision, fit and fancy. Once approved, your piece is moulded directly from the wax carving into metal, which is further refined, polished and mounted with gem or gems as desired. The finished product is your unique item to be worn and cherished.

Having your own custom jewellery made is a rewarding experience. Not only is the process engaging, but the end result is truly exciting. After all, it's all about creating lasting memories, and nothing does that better than a unique, custom-designed ring or special item for yourself or someone very special.


Estate Jewellery

Penny's Jewellery specializes in handling estate collections and individual pieces. Whether you simply require an appraisal, are looking to sell or consign individual items, batches or entire collections, Penny can help you get the most value from your items. When private sales typically bring the lowest returns, Penny will work with you to maximize your return - to find a way that is best for you. Potential avenues could involve auctions, consignment sales, donation, private sale or online sale through proper brokers. Either way, Penny is focused on you and will advise you on your best options and help you as needed or desired. You are in good hands with Penny.


In-Store Jewellery

Penny's Jewellery carries a large selection of fine jewellery for special occasions. We carry:

Our showcase contains many styles, metal options and gems, and we are very happy to help you find the perfect gift in your budget.

Whenever possible, we source Canadian gems. We are proud to support our national as well as local economies.


Jewellery Repair

We repair jewellery in-house, using traditional methods as well as with laser welding. Laser welding/soldering is unique to Penny's Jewellery in Brockville. We are the only Jeweller locally that provides this service in-house.

Laser soldering/welding is more precise than traditional soldering methods. It focuses heat only where it's needed, reducing the risk of damage to more delicate stones like Opal, Emerald and Amethyst and others. At Penny's Jewellery, you can trust us with your precious items, and we won’t send them out for repair.

We also repair broken eyeglass metal frames by laser weld. Eyeglass frames are difficult and often deemed unrepairable, but this is often not the case given our capability. Bring us your damaged frames, and we'll fix them if possible.