Custom Designed Jewellery

Let us make that dream of your unique ring or piece of jewellery come true!

Have you always wanted to have a special engagement ring designed specifically for you or the love of your life? Want to express your love with one-of-a-kind wedding rings? Do you have something original in mind for an earring or pendant? We can make your vision a reality.

At Penny's Jewellery, we not only have an expert in-house goldsmith, but we design jewellery as well. We can take your ideas and vision, work with you to draft a working design and craft your unique piece - all in-house and at an affordable price.

Choose the precious metal you wish for your project. Select your favourite gems or stones to be used, and in what combination and arrangement. Choose engraving or metalworking you’d like done. As experienced craftsmen and jewellers, we will make your ideas and desires and bring them to life. There is no better way to satisfy or impress, than with a gift that says “This is for you – only for you.”

Jewellery Redesign

Do you have a special jewellery item that you would like to repurpose or redesign into something new, while still retaining its sentimental value? Would you like to change that broach into a pendant? Would you like to reuse the gems from an old item on a new item of your choosing? Would you like to melt the precious metal down and have something new made from it with new gems or with the existing gems – a ring or earrings, perhaps? We have the skill and experience to bring your ideas to life, or to help you decide the best way to repurpose your item and its components.

Redesigning and repurposing old jewellery is a great way to save money while gaining unique jewellery you can wear and enjoy.

Custom Jewellery is Available Today at Penny's Jewellery

To view a catalogue of some of our custom jewellery items, please click here. We have more in stock, so please visit us soon!

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